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Will you have copies of your older books at the Chicago Steampunk Expo next year? (Tail of Two Worlds and The Hazel Fae)

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I hope to have those stories at the Expo in some form! The Hazel Fae was part of a limited time anthology, Once Upon a Winter. When the anthology went out of print, the rights to the novella went back to me. Between projects, I'm hoping to expand the story since it had to be short novella length for the anthology.

A Tail of Two Worlds is still in print as part of an anthology in Mirror, Mirror. Unfortunately, the publisher won't make author copies available to me. However, I own the rights to A Tail of Two Worlds. I'm contemplating either having a small chapbook size print made of the short story or reworking the story into a novel. I have more ideas for the characters, so it's a possibility!

Thank you for asking! I'd love to have more of my steampunk fairy tales in print πŸ’–βš™οΈπŸ“š

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