Hi, I’m Kelsey 💖⚙️📚

I'm an author of strange steampunk and reinvented fairy tales. Blending genres, subverting tropes, and sympathetic monsters are a few of my favorite things. When I'm not writing, I'm taking care of my sons (6 and 9) and rescue cats (a momma and her daughter.) I'm partial to videogames, crafting, movies, and reading. 💖

Here are my currently published works:

🥀✨📚 A steampunk fairy tale retelling: Forsaken Beauty and the Etherbeast (Available on Kindle Unlimited, paperback, and hardcover)

🖤🧪💀 Monsters and mad science: Monsters and Machines: A Strange Happenings Collection (Available on KU)

🧜‍♀️✨📚 A mermaid, sea witch, and a swashbuckling heroine: A Tail of Two Worlds, featured in the Mirror, Mirror Anthology.

🔗 You can find all of my work by visiting https://www.kelseyjosephson.com/

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Stories of magic, monsters, and machines.⚙️💖📚


Author of strange steampunk and reinvented fairy tales. Magic, monsters, and machines. ⚙️💖📚 Kelsey Josephson is a member of SFWA and ALLi from the Midwest. She has a deep love for Universal Monster movies, Nikola Tesla, and iced coffee.